Health Administration Scholarships

If possible, leverage health administration scholarships to keep the cost of your education down. Start by using this search-friendly online directory to navigate through the wide range of options. You can save money on your traditional or online health administration program by searching for renewable scholarships, which pay for your studies year after year. You can also use the sorting tool to filter by minimum GPA to find scholarships for which you qualify, as many scholarships have a minimum GPA requirement. The directory also allows you to see which organization sponsors a given scholarship, such as a certain school or association, which is valuable if you are still in the process of choosing a school. Regardless of where you choose to go, use the enrollment level function to ensure that the scholarships you find are available at your level of study. Finally, the ethnicity function will help you find scholarships for students of your ethnic background.

Be proactive in your search, even beyond this directory. Search for health administration scholarships online, as many national and state scholarships post applications and eligibility requirements online. If you are already working as part of a health organization, contact your employer to inquire about sponsorship options, especially if you are pursuing an MBA in health administration.

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Identify Trends in Health Administration Scholarships

Health administration scholarships typically require students to have at least a 3.0 GPA, with some expecting even higher academic performance. As a result, you should work to be in good academic standing both before applying and after winning a scholarship, in order to remain eligible.

Many health administration scholarships are also available to students in other health fields, such as medical assisting or laboratory technology, and are often offered by healthcare foundations or community organizations rather by than individual schools. This means that competition for these scholarships is likely to be higher than average, as the pool of applicants includes students from several schools. Start by applying for scholarships unique to health administration or unique to your school before moving on to these general health scholarships. Apply early to a broad selection of both general and healthcare-specific scholarships to exhaust all possibilities of funding for your health administration courses.

Key Health Administration Scholarships

Robert G. Shouldice Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) for students who are interested in becoming medical administrators. Students must have a clear set of career goals and the ability to effectively outline employment responsibilities in the healthcare field. Students must also submit at least three letters of recommendation. The average monetary award is $1,000 for this scholarship.

Awareness and Prevention Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by and is provided for students who want to pursue careers that will diminish nursing home abuse, such as healthcare administration, psychology, and social work. This scholarship provides $5,000 toward expenses other than tuition, such as room and board. This scholarship is only available to students who are already receiving another kind of financial aid.

Directory of Health Administration Scholarships